Bowenwork Therapy

Linda Haga - Bowenwork Knee Procedure

Bridge to Healing offers an alternative technique for healing called Bowenwork. This unique modality is gentle yet effective for relieving pain in the body, from a stiff neck or frozen shoulder, to low back pain and sciatica, as well as balancing internal systems and emotions. Bowenwork stimulates the body's parasympathetic response, also known as the rest and restore response, initiating the body's own capacity to heal.

How it works

During the Bowenwork session, I perform a series of rolling, cross-fiber moves over the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, & fascia) followed by rest periods to allow your brain to integrate the changes made in the body. For a more detailed description, check out this video by Chris Reed.

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A bit of  History

Bowenwork originated in Australia in the 50s with a man named Tom Bowen. In later years he allowed several associates to document his technique and teach others an interpretation of his work beginning in 1986. For more information there is a video about the history of Tom Bowen on the American Bowen Academy website. American Bowen Academy Videos


Our Practice

Located in downtown Coos Bay in the historic Hall Buiding. 320 Central Ave. Suite 413 & 415. Yes, you read that right! I have two adjoining rooms perfect for working on couples and accommodating busy schedules.


Gentle therapeutic touch to relieve pain, balance the body, and improve structural integrity.


What sets us apart

Bowenwork differs from massage in that it is more specific and less invasive. It can be done through light clothing and without messy oils. There is considerably less touch, but it is very specific and the body is allowed time to process the changes in the tissue tension. In Bowenwork, we do not move bones like a chiropractor, but when we relax the muscles and fascia, it puts less strain on the skeleton. That might answer a few questions about how Bowenwork is different from other modalities, but to hear more about it's effectiveness, don't take my word for it... Here's what my clients have to say!


News and tidbits

Generally, I prefer to be "hands-on" in the clinic, or out on the trail, rather than on my computer! I will try sporadically to post news of interest or related information. 

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