Happy Clients

It makes me happy to hear that my clients feel better!
— Linda

I am really enjoying my Bowenwork sessions with Linda Haga. The gentle work helps to release tension and pain from my body, but for me it goes even deeper. Over time, we are getting to long buried emotional pain that has been "stuck" in my body for years. I'm learning to tune-in to the subtle shifts and allow the process to heal old wounds and bring more freedom. Linda is an amazing healer and I am so grateful she has come into my life. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a safe space to do deep healing!!

— Lisa Wiles

Linda and Bowenwork have changed several ways of life for me! Firstly, treating my (excruciating) back pain. Amazingly, my back healed faster with this treatment than all the 20 years of things I've tried! I love having this natural healing treatment available! Linda also used Bowenwork to successfully achieve our pregnancy on the first try! I was so nervous that we would have to seek traditional medical help but was blown away when that test revealed a positive. She continues to help me, all naturally, with my pregnancy discomforts and Linda is one of the sweetest healers. I love seeing her on my visits!

— Sarah horst

The day after a weight lifting workout I knew I had over done it and called Linda to the rescue. She quickly responded and got me right in. After a few questions she started her amazing work. The therapy is very non-invasive for the most part, although the hamstring move after leg day gets your attention!! The relief I get from Bowen therapy is beyond satisfying!! One wouldn't think such minimal movements would do such work, but it truly does and I am hooked for life. As an athlete it’s important to take rest days and give your body some love. Linda’s magic hands and sweet spirit helps me achieve just that and I am very thankful for her. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment!!


Bowen WORKS! I have had positive results from  Bowen therapy at Bridge to Healing and encourage all to give it a try. My initial assessment of the practice was mixed with skepticism. One positive aspect of pain is, I’ll try almost anything to relieve the pain. I have a degenerative back condition from a young age and the pain that accompanies it. I’ve tried many things and some with success (for a time). Chiropractor, Strain-Counterstrain, Prolotherapy, and drugs. To date, this has been the best form of treatment. Get some.

— david foster